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08_7738-educational_Wilsonton State High School Performing Arts Centre_arkLAB Architecture

Wilsonton State High School Performing Arts Centre

The Performing Arts Centre at Wilsonton State High School sets a new standard for public school and community architecture in the region. Originally inspired by the parched landscape, warm toned bricks, cladding, and paving were used tie the project to the colour scheme and vernacular of the street with the school colours also being threaded throughout the project. Using a diverse range of materials, the expansive southern façade is broken up into this undulating face with glazing being introduced as the inner program becomes more public facing. The lower western edge of the building bridges the gap between the residential area and the voluminous performance spaces within. As the internal program becomes more student/staff oriented the form of the building turns away from the street and the external cladding becoming simplified and ordered. The state-of-the-art performance and learning spaces are a significant addition to the school and community.


Images: Scott Burrows

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