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08_7948-educational_Kawana Waters SC S Block_arkLAB Architecture_Scott Burrows.jpeg

Kawana Waters State College S Block

arkLAB’s Learning Centre for Kawana State College received both a Regional Commendation and the Sunshine Coast People's Choice Award at the 2023 Australian Institute of Architects Sunshine Coast Regional Architecture Awards.


The awards jury’s Citation read:

Carefully placed on a flat site, Kawana Waters State College Block S is a long thin building that defines the eastern edge of new courtyard space, filtering views and access to open space beyond with a gentle confidence. The perpendicular relationship with a previous building, leverages connection and upper level access. Versatility and future proofing become interchangeable with the placement of GLA’s over undercroft spaces. There is good visual connection from all classrooms. An ‘Off the shelf’ palette of materials is carefully composed to wring high value from a tight budget. Screening, angled blade walls and wide verandahs address prevailing weather and western sun, reinterpreting cues from the first buildings on the site to create an identifiable language for the new generation of buildings.


Images: Scott Burrows

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