Ferny Grove SHS Senior Learning Centre

Ferny Grove SHS Block X is the largest project in the Queensland Government’s 2020 Ready program. The building provides, across three levels, 23 classrooms, 4 science laboratories, as well as STEM, Flex, and Collaboration spaces.

Central breezeways organise circulation and encourage ventilation/light deep into the footprint. The building aligns to existing context, but kinks to address street. At this junction, and elsewhere, the form breaks apart, creating opportunities for outdoor learning and passage.

Conceptually, the design explores the buildings function as a STEM centre and science themes abound. Cellular façades are patterned to represent the divisions of the periodic table. Metallic bricks mitre with split-faced concrete blocks at the main entry in a homage to cut sodium. This combined with the foil like appearance of the guttering, and the scattered, and in places overwhelmingly stimulating, graphic representation of the periodic table, act to underscore aspects of high school science experience.  Images: CFJ Photography


Ferny Grove Senior Learning Centre

Periodic Table Circulation Skin

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